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3. Microsoft Transform File (Advanced install) Advance installation instructions

3.1. Introduction

Microsoft Transform (MST) allows you to customise the parameters specified in section 2.2. However this is only for advanced installs, as for the majority of cases the default settings are fine.

Please be careful in specifying a different installation directory as Microsoft have tightened security under Vista and Windows 7. Therefore the usual directory of Program Files will not have enough privileges by default.

3.2. Creation

3.2.1. Requirements
Please download and install the Software Development Kit for Windows. This package includes Orca.exe which allows the internal database of an MSI to be transformed.

3.2.2. Guide
Right click the MSI and select "Edit with Orca"

From the top menu select Transform > New Transform

Select the table "CustomAction" from the list on the left hand side.

There are two rows that may require editing. The first is the target directory, for Vista and Windows 7 installations we recommend "C:\Program Data\PC Power Down\Network Client\".

The second row contains the server IP address and port number. Do not change the TargetDir within this row, it will import from the previously edited row. Both the IP and port should be entered without speech mark, as shown below.

Once these values have been edited, select transform > Generate Transform from the top menu.

This will prompt a save as screen, name the file and click save.


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