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3. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting guide for the PC Power Down Client software

3.1. Not licensed

The software is licensed at the server so if you see a warning similar to the figure, please contact your administrator.

3.2. No schedule

If your computer does not have a schedule and you believe that it should please contact your administrator. It is possible that they missed your computer when configuring PC Power Down.

3.3. My computer wasn’t on this morning

First check that your computer was scheduled to be turned on from the schedule page. If this is the case then your computer may not be configured to wake up when requested to from the server.

This can be resolved from configuring the BIOS but unfortunately not guaranteed as it is hardware dependant.

3.4. But I need remote access

If you access your computer outside of working hours you will not be able to connect as your computer is off. PC Power Down offers a web wake up tool to overcome this situation, allowing you to remotely wake up your computer before connecting. Otherwise you can request that your computer is not powered down from your administrator.

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