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2. User Guide How to use the PC Power Down Client software.

2.1. Accessing

To open PC Power Down double click the red switch icon in the bottom right corner.

It can also be opened from the start menu “PC Power Down > Network Client > PC Power Down”.

This will open the main screen where you can either power down or view your computers on and off schedule.


2.2. Power down now

You can power down your computer through PC Power Down. This allows you to hibernate the computer, which may not be available through Windows.

To hibernate your computer click the button next to “Power down now”, this will prompt you to confirm as shown below.

This can also be accessed from right clicking the icon in the system tray, as shown below.

2.3. Schedule

You can view your computer’s schedule by clicking “View your configuration” from the main menu. Alternatively you can right click the icon in the system tray and click “schedule power down”.

This page shows the schedule that your computer will follow. In this example the computer is scheduled to turn on at 8:30am every week day and hibernate at 5:45pm.

The schedule is configured at the server and pushed out to each computer. The server address and port number should already be configured, they simply inform the software where the server is.

Hovering over the red switch icon in the system tray will display the next power down, as shown.


2.4. Power down alerts

Fifteen minutes before a power down an alert will pop up, similar to the one shown.

The alert gives the user three choices, accept, snooze or cancel.

Accepting will allow the power down to continue as scheduled.

Snoozing provides the option to delay the power down for 15 minutes to 2 hours. Select the delay from the drop down and click snooze.

PC Power Down will still alert 15 minutes prior to the next power down.

Clicking cancel will stop the scheduled power down.

The warning will pop up 15 minutes, 5 minutes and one minute prior to a power down.

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