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Reducing wasted elctricity and consequential carbon (CO2) emissions

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1.1. Summary

PC Power Down is an application that can remotely turn your computer on and off. It is controlled by a server across your network and can be configured to turn your computer on in the morning and power down in the evening. It may even turn your computer on in the middle of the night so that software and virus definitions can be updated.

As a user you retain total control over your computer. PC Power Down will warn of any power down, allowing you to postpone or cancel any scheduled power down. The software does not interfere with switching your computer on.
Using this software will ensure a reduction in power consumption; saving money and carbon dioxide. Please visit www.pcpowerdown.com for the latest information on savings.

1.2. Power down

PC Power Down will be configured to either hibernate or shutdown your computer.

A shutdown is probably how you usually turn your computer off, providing a fresh start next time you turn it on. However any unsaved work will be lost; so please ensure you save before leaving for the day.

Hibernating will save everything to your hard drive before turning the computer off. The next time the computer is turned on it restores all your programs and work to its original state. It is worth noting that every now and again you may want to restart your computer to give it a fresh start, improving performance.

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<< PC Power Down - Client Guide Index 2. User Guide >>