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2. Client Instructions of the configuration of the server client

2.1. Overview

The client software consists of two main parts; user interface and background service.
The user interface is used to setup server details, retrieve shutdown times and postpone hibernations. While the background service runs quietly in the background responding to any interface commands.

2.2. Installation

This will run through the exe installation. We highly recommend the MSI for network installs; please refer to the MSI guide.

Run the installer on each of the clients.

License agreement, accept to proceed.

Specify installation directory.

Once installed click close.

Please ensure that port 4455 TCP is open for the client software to communicate with the server.

2.3. Client configuration

PC Power Down will always be running in the background of your PC, to view the software please double click the icon located in your system tray.

This will open the main menu, as the client hasn't yet contacted the server it is not licensed. Please click "View your configuration".

Please enter the relevant server address and port number. We recommend using a named address such as "pcpserver" then adding a DNS record to point to the IP address of the server.

Please ensure that any firewalls have had exceptions added to allow access to port 4455 using TCP.

Clicking ok will prompt the client to check the server, please wait 10 seconds then open the schedule page again.

The client has spoken to server, been added to the default group and sent back a schedule. In this example the computer is scheduled to turn on at 8:30am every week day and hibernate at 5:45pm.

Hovering over the system tray icon will show the next power down, as shown.

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