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Reducing wasted elctricity and consequential carbon (CO2) emissions

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1. Overview Overview of PC Power Down

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1.1. Overview

The purpose of this document is to explain the setup, configuration and use of PC Power Down. The intended audience for this technical document are network administrators and technicians.

1.2. Summary

PC Power Down can remotely power down and wake up your networked computers. This is for the purpose of reducing electricity consumption and ensuring workstations are on when required.

In a typical scenario PC Power Down will wake workstations in the morning ready for staff and power down at the end of the working day. Additional schedules can easily be configured as one off's, daily or weekly routine. This flexibility ensures computers are powered up and available for virus definitions and software rollouts.

1.3. Requirements

1.3.1. Server
• Windows XP / Microsoft Server (2000 or later)
• 4.0+ .NET Framework
• Administrator privileges
• Port exception rule added to firewall, default port number is 4455
• Port exception for UDP Port 7 outgoing from the server

1.3.2. Client
• Port exception rule added to firewall, default port number is 4455
• WoL is configured
• Hibernation is enabled with enough hard drive to save memory to disk (if required)

1.4. Power down

PC Power Down can be configured to either hibernate or shutdown your computer.
When a computer hibernates it saves the memory to the hard drive and switches off completely. The next time the computer starts it will reload the memory that was previously saved to the hard drive, restoring all the users programs and any unsaved work. It is worth noting that every now and again the computer should be restarted to provide it with a fresh start.

The user will be alerted 15, 5 and 1 minute prior to a power down, providing them the option to accept, snooze or cancel. Snoozing will postpone the power down by 15 minutes to 2 hours.

When computers are shared in a hot desk scenario it is recommended to use a shutdown, this avoids computer's prompting for the previous user’s login when turned back on.

1.5. Future developments

We are currently designing hardware to control through PC Power Down, allowing power management over any 3 pin plug. The software is ready to support 3rd party hardware which is why the server software refers to devices instead of computers. Consider the terms interchangeable.

There is also a reporting tool in development. This will provide detailed reports and graphs on the energy, cost and carbon savings made from using PC Power Down.

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