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The Big Green Bus tour 2011

The Big Green Bus tour - Full Details (Updated)

PC Power Down has organised the Big Green Bus tour of the London boroughs, which account for 10% of the country’s population, in celebration of Climate Week (March 21–27th). To start the week off The Big Green Bus has been invited to the Creating Low Carbon Communities Conference at Guildhall, London on Monday March 21st as the first major event of Climate Week. Thereafter the Big Green Bus will stop at several key locations around London.


Monday 21st March

07.45am – 05.00pm
City of London – Guildhall – Creating Low Carbon Communities Conference EC2P 2EJ
Mayor of the City of London – Cllr Alderman Michael Bear (10.00am)

Tuesday 22nd March

07.45am –06.00pm
London Borough of Wandsworth - Clapham Junction ASDA Car Park SW11 1JG
Mayor of Wandsworth – Cllr Piers Conolly McCausland (10.00am)

6.30pm Launch of the Climate Week Cocktail – The Sugar Cane Cocktail Bar, SW11 1JW

Wednesday 23rd March

07.30am – 12.00noon Seminar 09.30am to 11.00am
London Borough of Barnet - East Barnet School EN4 8PU
Member of Parliament -Matthew Offord (9.00 to 10.00am)

Bus travels from Barnet to Camden

02.00pm – 06.00pm
London Borough of Camden - Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road NW1 8AH

Thursday 24th March

07.30am – 6.30pm
London Borough of Camden – Tottenham Court Road, W1P 0DL

Friday 25th March

7.30am – 8.45pm
London Borough of Richmond – Whittaker Avenue TW9 1SX
Richmond Chamber of Commerce – Breakfast Meeting (7.30am)
Member of Parliament - Zac Goldsmith
Mayor of Richmond – Cllr David Marlow

Bus travels from Richmond to Olympia

10.00am – 6.00pm
London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham – Olympia 2 – UK Aware Show, W14 8UX
Mayor of Hammersmith and Fulham – Cllr Adronie Alford

Saturday 26th March

08.30am – 6.30pm
Chelmsford Borough Council – ‘Chelmsford Litter Pick’ Chelmsford High Street CM1 1EQ
Mayor of Chelmsford – Cllr Alan Arnot (11.00am)

10.00am – 6.00pm
Olympia 2 – UK Aware Show, W14 8UX
The Big Green Bus will at Chelmsford and will its place will be taken at the UK Aware Show on Saturday with a
Big Lemon biodiesel bus.

Sunday 27th March

12.00noon – 5.00pm
Guildford Borough Council – High Street, Guildford

The bus, which is supplied by their friends at The Big Lemon (www.thebiglemon.com) , runs on Biodiesel produced from recycled cooking oil so they intend to minimise emissions. It will also be truly green being covered by Astroturf from the leading supplier in the UK, Trulawn.

PC Power Down is looking for the support of the Mayor of London (who is opening the conference on Monday), and the Prime Minister and Environmental Minister, by getting them to visit the Big Green Bus during their tour around London.

PC Power Down has approached main corporate sponsors to support the event who specialise in solutions that reduce the cost and consumption of energy whilst also reducing environmental impact and are world leaders in their own respective fields. These include one of the UK’s leading building merchants (Travis Perkins plc), The Big Green Book, LED lighting (Armadillo), solar panels (MAID), environmental facilities management (In2sequence) whilst not forgetting the organisers PC Power Down. The Big Green Bus will also be assisting a number of charitable environmental organisations such as Carbon Leapfrog (business led charity channelling pro bono support from corporate firms into community based low carbon projects) and which will help carry on the spirit and ethos of Big Green Bus’ mission throughout the coming year.

The Big Green Bus is targeted at businesses, schools, local authorities and local communities, and whilst we are celebrating Climate Week we will also be raising people’s awareness of the financial benefits of taking environmental action. This awareness will assist them in the short term during this time of financial strain whether that is in the home, the school, local council or business.

Apart from saving money and feeling good about reducing our individual impact on the environment we live in (which also means improved air quality, cleaner water and beaches), the UK has a much bigger problem looming just down the road.

Our thirst for increased amounts of energy at home, in the office and at school is now significantly stretching the capabilities of the National Grid, and the previous government forecast that we would face power cuts by 2013 as published in The Times newspaper. This is due to the decommissioning of nuclear power stations, the desired decrease in coal fired power stations and the UK’s inability to close the energy gap with credible alternatives other than importing energy from other countries, which is likely to increase our energy bills even further.

Whilst energy cuts in the short term may be inevitable, there are some simple things we can do like automating the shut down of equipment, micro-generation and localised energy generation schemes which can play a significant part in closing the energy gap in the UK.

In summary, the Big Green Bus is about helping homes, schools, local council offices and businesses save money through energy reduction and generation.

We look forward to you boarding the Big Green Bus!

For further information please contact: Julian Whiting Qubic on 07890 277108 or 020 8601 7020