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Topic: MSI Deployment
QuestionLast Updated on Feb 25 2011 at 2:06 PM
The Application Event Viewer indicates errors that the MSI package installation failed with an error ‘Package source not located’

This indicates that the local computer read and tried to apply the GPO and MSI Package object, but could not access the physical .MSI file. Check the permissions on the share containing the MSI file to ensure Domain Computers (or Authenticated Users) have at least READ access rights. It is also possible that the Package Object was created using the physical path (C:\Apps\Installer.MSI) instead of the UNC path (\\server\share\Installer.MSI). Also, the Package Object may reference the FQDN of the share path (\\server.domain.com\share\Installer.msi

You can manually verify the computer account has access to the share and MSI installer file by attempting to connect to the share as the local computer account (NT Authority\System) by performing the following:
1. On the target computer, log in as an administrator.
2. Schedule an AT job for 1 minute ahead of the current time to launch a command prompt as NT Authority\System: C:\> at 1:00pm /interactive cmd.exe
3. After the command prompt window appears, you will have NT Authority\System access.
4. Attempt to list the contents of the share using the UNC path: C:\> dir \\server\share - You should receive a directory listing of the files on the share