PC Power Down, Energy Saving

Reducing wasted elctricity and consequential carbon (CO2) emissions

30 Day 'No Quibble' money back guarantee

If you buy PC Power Down and, for whatever reason within the first 30 days, you are not completely satisfied, we will refund the price you paid for our software.

School Saves £14,000

West Hatch High School has demonstrated £14,000 per annum for an investment of just £1,000 a year. read more...

Enterprise Edition

PC Power Down Enterprise Grade Energy Saving Software

Case Studies

The Ashmolean

The Ashmolean Museum first opened its doors in 1683 and has since become one of the country's most significant museums, displaying important collections and producing research and publications as a department of the University of Oxford. The present Museum was created in 1845 by combining two ancient Oxford institutions: the University Art Collection and the art and archaeology collections of the original Ashmolean Museum. These collections come from across a wide range of cultures: early stringed musical instruments, objects from Minoan Crete, Worcester porcelain, Chinese Shang bronzes, Japanese ceramics, European Paintings and drawings and many other specialist collections. They provide an invaluable resource for Oxford scholars and students as well for other institutions in the UK and abroad. Consequently the Museum has very close links with the University's faculties and colleges as Museum staff undertake a great deal of University teaching and research. However, the Museum also fulfils a role of being part of the public face of the University, annually welcoming hundreds of thousands of visitors through its door. Read more...

West Hatch High School

West Hatch High School in Essex has long been a Microsoft beta test site for various technology innovations and so, when PC Power Down was looking for a school to trial its products, Microsoft suggested West Hatch. Even though the school is very environmentally conscious add has policies to avoid waste, the trial showed that implementing PC Power Down generated savings of £14,000 a year for a product that would have cost £1,000. Read more...