PC Power Down, Energy Saving

Reducing wasted elctricity and consequential carbon (CO2) emissions

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PC Power Down - Primary

Price: GBP 200.00

Full Description:

PC Power Down reduces wasted electricity by switching electrical devices on and off when not required against a pre-determined schedule.

The PC Power Down scheduling software is the core component that provides an easy-to-use management interface that is installed on a computer that is connected to the network and acts as a server. A selection of modules can then be added to the core software to manage whichever groups of equipment you have chosen to control.

Computers on the network are loaded with the PC Power Down client software. Individual PCs are identified by the scheduling software on the server and appear on a list. Once PCs are identified, they can be organised into groups such as departments, floors or buildings. The scheduling software then allows you to set the time each day when the PCs in a group are switched off and on again.

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